Liquid Silver Necklace

About Liquid Silver Necklaces

Anybody that might be searching for information about how unique and stunning liquid silver necklaces are has certainly come to the right place. Honestly, I haven’t ever heard of liquid silver necklaces until late 2010 when my cousin inherited one from her parents. I remember my girlfriend saw it and wanted one.

With the holidays approaching I thought I’d do a little research about exactly what liquid silver necklaces are, how they’re made and what they represent. So I completed an online search on “liquid silver necklace” and found tons of useful information. I found so many amazing looking liquid silver necklaces and actually ended up buying her two different styles.

What is Liquid Silver?

If you are unfamiliar with liquid silver necklaces, “Liquid Silver” is a more formal form of terminology that describes precisely the technical aspect of how liquid silver necklaces are made. Liquid silver necklaces are made from microscopic strands of .925 sterling silver round and hollow beads. These beads are actually made by stringing minute sized ribbons of sterling silver that forms through a metallic plate thus making it thinner.

Now, the holes on the plate are actually quite large in size and don’t correlate completely to the diameter of the tube. This makes it extremely easy to create these strands of small shiny beads. The look that is created is so sleek, that it actually took the name “Liquid silver necklace”. When liquid silver necklaces are worn it really replicates the look of flowing water.

Durability & Storage of a Liquid Silver Necklace

The liquid silver necklaces that I’ve seen have been very durable. For the most part, these necklaces are made on an inner bearing of wire, which makes them near impossible to break apart when snagged or tugged.

Some specialists also highly recommend that liquid silver necklaces and other liquid silver jewelry should be stored in an air tight bag. The reasoning behind this is that the moisture is prevented from reaching the jewelry, which can cause tarnishing.

Your liquid silver necklace should also not be worn when in the shower, rubbing lotion, out in humidity for long periods of time, and it should not be heavily sweated on. For a lifetime lasting jewelry you really want to be sure that you follow these guidelines.

Cleaning Your Liquid Silver Necklace

When you are cleaning your liquid silver necklace be sure that you don’t use water. It’s highly recommended you dry baking powder onto a white or light gray cloth. Baking soda should not be used either. By using baking soda you’ll only find that it’s much too rough for the silver, and you’ll leave plenty of scratches. Just rub the baking powder from left to right until all debris is removed from your liquid silver necklace.

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